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Marley Eternit (Comm) Hawkins Clay Plain Blue Smooth Roof Tiles (per 1000)

Marley Eternit (Comm) Hawkins Clay Plain Blue Smooth Roof Tiles (per 1000)

£400.00 (ex.vat) 47 in stock


You are viewing this large batch of Marley Eternit Hawkins Clay Plain Tiles in Smooth Blue Colour,that are classified as a commercial tiles.

The reason these tiles have been classified as commercials is that after an audit they have found that up to 10% percent of the tiles have small chips in them and so can not be classified as best tiles.

What our customers are doing is sorting the tiles and then cutting the ones with chips on, to be used as under eaves as they are not visible.  Also your gutter will hide the cut leading edge on the under eave tiles you have just cut.   They are then using best eaves for the tops and best tile and a halves that we carry in stock.

We have around 100,000 tiles available from this one batch all palleted and ready to go.

We have new best eave tiles and tile and a half in the same Hawkins Smooth Blue finish but they would be at best tile money.  Please see separate listing for these.

Marley are on a 12 week lead time on these Hawkins Smooth Blue tiles so if you have a pressing job and don't mind a bit of extra sorting these might well fit the bill.

Listing price is per 1000 tiles - sensible offers will be considered for bulk purchases.

We usually have around 300,000 reclaimed plain tiles, size is normally 10.5" long by 6.5" wide, in stock at any one time plus Hips, Valleys, Eave tiles, Tile and a Half and Ridge tiles to match.  Other old manufacturers we usually have in stock are Rosemary, Acme, Dreadnought, Hawkins to name but a few.  Please enquire what we have available and we can create a listing for you to purchase.

These tiles can be viewed in our 3 acre reclamation yard based in Shropshire, during normal working hours.

Price is collected from our yard but we can arrange delivery via our own transport or pallet courier.

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