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Reclaimed Large York Stone Trough Planter 30" Square 420Kg

Reclaimed Large York Stone Trough Planter 30" Square 420Kg

£500.00 (ex.vat) 1 in stock


You are viewing this lovely reclaimed stone trough, that we have carved from a large block of stone that was originally a base stone to a large machine in an old mill.

The trough measures around 30 inches long and is around 30 inches wide and weighs a respectable 420kg.  We have carved the trough to a depth of 3.5" inches and have left the walls at a bigger than average 5", so it will cope with the worst of the good old British weather.

The trough is in first class condition bar a chunk missing from the back of the stone.  If the trough was set against a wall this would not be seen.  This chunk does not effect the integrity of the rest of the trough, which is rock solid.

The listed price of the trough is collected from our yard but we can arrange delivery via our own transport or pallet courier.

The trough can be viewed in our 3 acre reclamation yard, based in Shropshire, during normal working hours.


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