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Reclaimed Massive Slate Trough Planter 6ft 1“ long

Reclaimed Massive Slate Trough Planter 6ft 1“ long

£790.00 (ex.vat)


We have available this massive slate planter that we have made from reclaimed slate slabs. The trough in the photo measure 6ft 1” long x 32” wide and 29” tall and the slate is just under 2” thick.

We have given the slate a rub down with some linseed which has darkened it slightly. The lines on the slate are where the timber runners have been sitting and can be wirebrushed off. We can make any number of troughs this size and shape. You can also have your choice of metal wire. For the sample trough we have used galvanised bar but could be painted, made in stainless steel or more traditional wrought iron.

We have the trough in the photos available to view at our yard during normal working hours. We would imagine a number of these, with brushed stainless steel metalwork, would look fantastic all planted up in front of a lovely boutique hotel.

We can also make these to size, so if you require one in different measurements please get in touch.

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