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Reclaimed Set of 13 York Stone Steps & 3 Landings Staircase

Reclaimed Set of 13 York Stone Steps & 3 Landings Staircase

£7,000.00 (ex.vat) 1 in stock


You are viewing this fantastic set of 13 reclaimed stone steps and 3 stone landings that have been reclaimed from a local building.

We have another set available from the same building, that has been listed separately.

As can be seen from the photos these steps are in excellent condition for their age.

All the steps measure between 44" to 50" long and are 11" wide by 8" on the face.

The 3 stone landings measure 50" x 45" x 8" thick, 40" x 44" x 7" thick and 41" x 42" x 7" thick.

We have set the steps up as shown in the photos as one configuration, but there are plenty of other options.

As we have set them up there are 4 steps then a landing, then you turn to the left and another 4 steps.

The landing that is on the floor would then be next then you would turn left and up another 4 steps to another landing.

There would then be a spare step as shown, if the steps were set up as the photos.

The staircase/steps can be viewed at our 3 acre reclamation yard based in Shropshire, during normal working hours.

Price is collected from our yard but we can arrange delivery via our own transport or pallet courier.

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