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Sandtoft Segmental Roll Hip Pack 5mtr

Sandtoft Segmental Roll Hip Pack 5mtr

£500.00 (ex.vat) 1 in stock


You are viewing a Sandtoft Dry Fix Hip Roll system for use on the main ridge with clay and concrete ridges.

The roll hip is an extremely quick roll out system. Roll hip comprises a ventilated hip roll to seal the junction between roof elevations.

This is a product we are moving on to make way for other items, and we have 25 boxes of this roll hip available. 

Listed price is for the complete pallet of 25 boxes collected from our yard.  We can also arrange delivery via pallet courier or our own transport.

These roll hips, and other items can be viewed at our 3 acre reclamation yard based in Shropshire during normal working hours.

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