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Mark & Kelly's Experience

Some great feedback we have received from two very happy customers. 

Good afternoon Roofing and Salvage

I just wanted to leave some feedback on my recent experience of using your business. Many people only ever make contact or leave feedback when it is negative or to complain about something.
My feedback is to the contrary, I could not be more impressed with such great customer service and care from every person I have encountered at Roofing and Salvage. My first discovery of your business was back in February when I was having an Oak Framed Porch built on my barn and I required some slates. However, I also left with a Canadian fire extinguisher from your showroom as it looked fantastic a rare find.

Your yard was so well laid out and tidy it was easy to navigate the staff were courteous and friendly and helpful throughout, there is no hard sell just quality products which are well displayed with staff who want to help you fantastic.

Upon this experience I decided to purchase some Granite Setts from you for a landscaping project again the customer service was fantastic same afternoon delivery and helpful throughout. However, the novice builder that I am ordered two tonne to many for the job on asking would there be any possibility of you purchasing these back immediately I was expecting the answer to be no as it was my own fault, which it was.

To the contrary yes of course we can was the answer.  Again, the communication with my wife when these would be picked up was clear and a more than helpful driver came when was stated. Within half an hour of pickup of the Granite Setts we received confirmation and receipt of the goods, and that you would refund the monies wow what service.

I am writing this as the normal experience you would get in a normal builders yard is no sir you over ordered this is your responsibility and not ours, not here, nothing is too much trouble great service and a great local business in which I cannot recommend highly enough.

I work as an Assistant Principal for Cheshire College South and West (CCSW) and once we are through this pandemic would love to show case your business to our construction and business learners as they will go to work in the industry and on heritage restoration and they should all know about great suppliers like yourselves to use in the future.

Thank you once again

Kindest regards

Mark & Kelly Parsons

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